State Team System

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Welcome to the Archery Victoria State Team Management System

This website allows you to submit scores for selection into the state team.
In order to be selected to the State team you must enter your scores from QREs and tournaments into this system.

Press the Read More Button for more information.

Once your scores are entered then the Team Selection Managers can check your scores and either approve them, alter them or reject them.
Competitors will be able to see their scores, which have been accepted and then which scores meet the requirements for selection. They can also see a Standings table which shows where they stand against others trying for the team. The goal of the system is to bring the management of the system into the hands of the competitors and show a transparent and easy to follow process.

Getting Started

To get started you must Create an account for yourself.
Go To the bottom of the screen and Select "Create new Account"
Create a Username
Enter your email address (each account must have a unique, working email address)
Your Full Name
Club name
AA Number
The Press Create new Account..

Once you do this an email will be sent that gives you a log in link and lets you set a password from there. This is an anti-bot feature.

Once you have completed this process you will be able to log in and a new menu link appears called "Add Scores" This allows you to add your scores.

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